NAME: Madigan      

AGE: Unknown

Favorite Food: Asian food, Chinese, Japanese, Thai you name it.

Ideal Weekend: Any long weekend.

Pet Hate: This is gonna sound weird, but old naked guys in the gym locker rooms. Please guys, cover up. Social media stupidity, just because you’re offended doesn’t mean the world agrees with you.

Hobbies: Couch fort construction, the gym & does the internet count as a hobbie?

More About Me...

I like turtles, oh and comic book movies.

You can catch me Weekday mornings from 9 till lunchtime. Call me anytime for anything 13 12 16 

FACEBOOK @thebryanmadigan TWITTER: @thebryanmadigan INSTAGRAM: @thebryanmadigan

Madigan's Favourites

Man Wakes Up After Surgery To His Beautiful Wife

Jason Mortensen came out of surgery under the effects of anaesthetic, where his wife was waiting for him.

Viral Twerking Fail Was Fake!

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals He Was Behind The Vid!