AGE: 27 

Favorite Food: A good old Grilled Burger and Chips! (and a cheeky beer)

Ideal Weekend: taking the dog for a run, Yum Cha for lunch and a few beers with mates (Food and drink is a common theme!)

Pet Hate: People that don’t Indicate!! It’s easier than steering the actual car, Just indicate!

Hobbies: The Gym & attempting to be artistic

More About Me...

I did quite a few jobs before I found radio, from Fridge Mechanic to Real estate agent but decided that I would give radio a go.

After 6 years I still love it as if it was day 1, there’s nothing better than coming to work and playing people their favorite songs and making there day with FREE stuff! J also getting to meet and chat to some cool people is always fun.

I get asked a lot who my best interview has been and I always say without a doubt the Good Charlotte Brothers, I’ve been lucky enough to chat with them a few times and they are the most down to earth fun blokes you could meet. Also interviewing Ed Sheeran has been a highlight just because I’m a big fan. Worst interview hmmm let’s just say there’s been a couple of awkward ones but Macy Grey is well and truly up there! Let’s just say I’m not sure Macy was sure what country she was in let alone who was interviewing her. I would LOVE to interview Ricky Gervais but I’d be worried I would just fumble from nerves the whole way through because I’m a huge fan of all his work, music wise I would love to interview Michael Buble or P!nk I think they are both brilliant artists and seem like really cool people. 

You can catch me Weekday Afternoons from 12 in the lead up to Hamish and Andy taking over for the Happy hour! Call me anytime for a chat 13 12 16